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It is very important for the crew to know what to be done in the case of emergency. It is also crucial to ensure that at least two or three officers have basic knowledge on the whereabout of the medicine chest, because there is no guarantee that the person in charge of the medicine chest won’t get sick on board.

Therefore, as our added service, we will conduct basic training on board after the inspection to the top four officers available. The training will covers below topics:

Good storage practice :

  • Good labelling of medicine and equipment practice.

  • Basic knowledge on 52 emergency medicines.

  • Assessment of person in charge knowledge to handle emergency situation ie: Burn case, Bleeding and Fracture.

  • Assessment on AED.

  • We also conduct more advance training in our facilities upon request of the shipowner. Please do not hesitate to call our office to arrange date and time for training of your crew.